6 Most Legit Ways To Make Money Online!

1- Selling your service on Fiverr

So if you are a webs developer, graphic designer or a programmer, you can actually sell your service on Fiverr where other people can choose your service and pay you money for your time.

2- Amazon FBA

This method is very commonly used, people buy popular items that sell well on amazon from AliBaba in a bulk which make the individual price very low then they add their margin on top and sell it on amazon or their own e-commerce website.

3- Client SEO

For me personally, I don’t really prefer this method ub. Saying that, there are people that I know are making a killing doing Clients SEO, its a valid and genuine business model that you can start with very low cost if you know what you are doing.

We will be talking more in depth about clients SEO in separate blog post, its a big subject that deserves its own time to be explained.

4- Doing Exactly what I’m doing on this page

I promised you that I will be so transparent with YOU, I promised from the beginning that I will share everything I know to start making money online.

Look, the rest of this article that you are reading right now, will show you the exact steps I take to create successful affiliate website that will generate passive income for years to come.

In some of the steps, you will have invest some money in hosting and creating content for your affiliate website, and if you use the method and tools that I recommend and personally used and still using till this moment, I will get a small cut from your purchase as an affiliate for the tools I recommended.

So I’m actually making money online by providing FREE value to you that you will never ever find anywhere else on the web, you read the article and you think I deserve to receive the commission from recommending genuine tools that will seriously help you in your journey, then thank you so much, I really appreciate your support.

Making money online is possible and people been making money online for many years.

However, the way I make money online is through something called Affiliate Marketing.

5- Review music for money

6- Buy and sell domain names

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