What is PBN ? – Does Still Work in 2019?

PBN is the short word to Private Blog Network.

PBN is a group of live ” real looking” websites that are specifically built to provide SEO value to your money website.

When it comes to ranking your website in Google, the main factor that can really help in doing that is having other related, high quality websites linking back to you in any of their website pages.

For Example: 

Lets say you have a “Catering Business” called “Delicious Bite” and you have provided your service to a church or any community.

And lets consider that they were happy with your service or food, so they may go their website and write a small note about you, it could be something like:

What is a Backlink

Now if any one was reading their website and landed on this part, if he clicks on the word “Delicious Bite” he will be redirected to your website.

Having those kind of natural backlinks are hard and time consuming, even thought they are the most rewarding ones, many SEOs still move to creating their own PBN where they have full control of sending as many links to their money sites.

Basically with PBN you are trying to trick Google that there are many websites linking back to you because there are some kind of value on your website, and if its done right, google will boost your ranking up in the search results.

Saying that, creating PBNs and using them trying to trick the system is against Google’s guidelines.

Therefore, if google’s algorithm sensed any kind of violation with your website, you will lose 90% of your traffic in a blink of an eye

If your PBN is built with leaving a lot of foot print, you are can actually lose all your work before you even know it.

You have to know what you are doing when it comes to building PBN in 2019, and you still won’t be able to guarantee with all caution that your website will get banned someday if you use PBN links.

How to detect websites using PBN?

For this step we will use SEMRush to be able to look at the backlinks any website have.


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